Catching A Cab

Yesterday, I got my new book (Complete Metalsmith, ProPlus Edition (Spiral-bound) by Tim McCreight), and I'm so excited to get started doing new things. I thumbed through it to check it out and it is heavy and meaty. I think this might actually keep my busy for awhile. When Tim says "Complete," he means it.

I did order some faceted gems online and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. In preparation, I went back through my rocks and found some cabochons I've had. I think the excitement has channeled into creative inspiration. I found a green onyx cab and made a setting/pendant for it over the weekend. It felt so good to solder, pickle, etc. again. I had been concentrating so much on the supplies side of things that I hadn't lit my torch in a few months. Once I started, I realized just how much I missed it. Now, I have sketches for more of my cabs and will be working on them this week. If the sun cooperates with me this weekend, I will have photos of my new things on the site very soon. I experimented with a kind of scrimshaw technique with my engraver pen and liver of sulfur. The detailed texture and color that comes from the process, I've been really happy with. Now, I need to add more bezel wire to my shopping list.

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