Here Comes the Sun... wait... no... ok, now, go, go... wait...

Saturday, we had crap weather with some hail, so taking photos of the new things had to wait until Sunday. I got enough sun peeking through to get some taken. It wasn't easy, though. As soon as I would get everything set up, the clouds would come. I'd walk away to work on something else and the sun would come out. By the time I'd run over and turn on the camera, clouds again. I should be able to get the 3 new necklaces up tonight as well as a new look for the top navigation header on

Some of the faceted gems I got online should be coming this week hopefully. Since all of them are being shipped from overseas, I'm not exactly sure how long they will take, but I'm certainly antsy to play with them. I was reading my Metalsmithing book about settings, but I have an idea to try that wasn't listed in there, so the experimenting continues. I'm mostly excited about my huge star ruby (my birthstone). I'd like to create a really nice signature piece for myself. As much as I like making things, I'm not a big jewelry wearer. I'll wear a new design to test durability and functionality, but I have a couple pieces (like my Euro 4-in-1 ring) that I wear everyday.

BBCAmerica also showed an Eddie Izzard mini-marathon on Sunday which made things even better. I'm telling you, if you're not familiar, you're missing out. :)

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