I've Got the Fever!

Whenever I've gone to gem shows or looked online at rubies (my birthstone), I've refrained from purchasing, because I didn't already have a definite idea in mind about how to use them. Now, I do. It's kind of coming in that same fever the silversmithing pokes are coming from. (My new book is supposed to be here Monday, but it's coming via DHL, so I might see it by Christmas.) Once I started looking at rubies, I got into about everything else that caught my eye. Today feels like the day something's gonna give. I'm focusing on a faceted gem--most likely an octagon shape--maybe an amethyst. I love purple and the stones with a deep purple just make me say, "Ooooooo." I'm already getting a star ruby cab that I'm excited about, but I can't stop thinking about the setting idea I have for the faceted. I think it will either be really super-cool-looking or eventually melted down into reale coins. Isn't that the way experiments go, though?

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