Wonder Twin Powers... Activate!

I got my ruby last week and I've been carrying it around trying to figure out what it should be. The sucker's huge, so I was thinking a pendant at first. I'm not one for wearing big jewelry. I'm barely one for wearing much jewelry at all, so when I started looking at it as a ring, I surprised myself. Is this my first stage of aging? Am I going to start wearing too much perfume and carrying around wadded up Kleenex wherever I go? It's just, the more I looked at it, the more I wanted it to be somewhere I'd be able to see and enjoy it. I always watched the superhero cartoons and had Underoos for every crime-fighting occasion. Now, I'm making my very own superhero ring. (I was going to call this my Wonder Twins Power Ring, until I researched and found they never wore rings, they just put fists together. I would've sworn they had gold bands or something, but no. I couldn't be bothered enough to change the blog title, though.) It may turn out looking more vampire-y anyway. It's a very dark reddish purple-black star ruby, so it has a mysterious vibe to it. I ordered more bezel wire over the weekend, and it should be here in a couple days. I can hardly wait.

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