Eye've Been Framed!

"Ol' Blue Eye" is framed, lit, and now officially my favorite thing. The LED lighting makes the blue eye look like it glows. The Eye is suspended on a single wire in an open shadow box for a 3-D mounting. The battery-powered LED light has 2 brightness settings, which I've found to be especially nice. No matter where I move, it's looking at me.

Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya... know what ya doing, doing to me?

I finished my nearly 25 ct. black/red star ruby ring on Easter Sunday. It's funny, because it ended up looking kind of Pope-y. I kiss it, anyhow. I love how it turned out.

Many Pearls.... How-DEEE!

I finished a couple pearl bracelets and necklaces, but I don't think I'm finished. Pearls just say Spring to me and it's hard to put them down when it's this time of year--especially when the weather's been so nice. That is one thing I will say I love about living in Texas... warmth! It's nice for us 'circulatorily' challenged. (Even if in July I'll consist only of a melted puddle of flesh.)

Freshwater Pearl 3-Strand Bracelet - white & pink (pictured)
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Ruby is still looking at me. I know, I know, you need a setting, but all in due time, dear.

And kudos to all of you who noted the 'tagged' reference in my title. I'm not a redneck, but I've played one on TV.

'Eye' Am Done

"Ol' Blue Eye" saw it's last ring this afternoon. I am so happy with the completed sheet and can't wait to add the frame and light and get some photos taken to post.

Eye Half Open

Last night, I reached the halfway mark with "Ol' Blue Eye." Woohoo! I plan on cutting more rings tonight like a maniac. I'd like to get the entire Eye -- frame and lighting included -- finished by next weekend at the latest. Much of the wire I'm using is silver-plated copper under the blues, so the color just shines and pops. If you've never experienced the movement and feel of a sheet of Euro 4-in-1, you're missing out. It's amazing that metal can be so graceful & beautiful and tough at the same time. That's the reason I've decided that the frame will have an open front and the maille itself will be suspended. It seemed a shame to lock it away behind glass. I can't stop poking my Eye!

Fo' Sh-Izzard!

Here I am just a few days ago saying how kickass Eddie Izzard is and that y'all need to check him out... AND NOW... I get the email about his (WHAT?!) 2008 American Tour!! Sweet.

Go get tickets. Do it. You'll thank me.

Opening My Eye

I'm really happy with how "Ol' Blue Eye" is coming together. I'm at 20% and I can see better how the pattern is working. I'm totally obsessed with getting this finished. As much as my hands started to ache yesterday, it was always 'just one more' ring. I'm on a mission. I've already started looking for the next thing I'd like to do in 4-in-1, since the first decision took forever. It's a big time investment, so I want to choose carefully. Back to work...