What's Creepier Than Monkeys and Robots? Monkey Robots!

I've mentioned before that I think monkeys are creepy. There's something about that look in their eye. I should have mentioned robots, too, as being on that 'don't want them around me' category, but they weren't very high on the creep-o-meter until today. Let me say that, from a distance (a vast, faraway distance), I do understand the greatness of the implied eventual benefits for those with physical limitations with this technology. That said... When I see a robotic hand reach out and grab something because a money's wired-up brain said so... HEEBIE freakin' JEEBIES!

I mean, there has to already be a horror movie out there about how this eventually goes ALL WRONG, right? If there isn't, there should be.

"Monkey wants another banana. "
"You've had enough bananas. "
"I don't think you understand..." {{{brain waves}}} death. banana. end scene.

See the article on FOXNews.com

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