Happy Flag Day!... Surprise!

Since today is Flag Day, I thought I'd celebrate by giving away a "Can You BeWeave It?" Make Your Own Chainmaille kit. Here's how you can Win Something!...

Somewhere on the Make Something site is a Win Something! icon like this one. Click on the icon to send an email. (Do not change the subject line.) The first person to find the icon and send an email will win their choice of one of our new Flags of the World "Can You BeWeave It?" 15"/16"/17" necklace kits, complete with instructions. (Tools not included.)

More surprise Win Somethings will be posted throughout the summer here on the blog. Subscribe to the Blog Feed and get ready to grab free things!

UPDATE : The Win Something has been found!
Congratulations to our winner!
Thanks to everyone for playing...


  1. Erin, great site! I'm thinking some day when I'm ready to move away from Peyote a little, that chainmaille is where I want to go. You have great stuff. And I have never cared for monkeys either.

    ET from Chezchani, also a cancer.

  2. Well, if you haven't gone cross-eyed from that teeny Peyote, I think you'd really like chainmaille. Your little Peyote rings are so cute and pretty... nice things!