Math Is For Wieners

I'm kind of a trivia junkie. One of my goals is to go on Jeopardy and try to win some cash with the bits I've accumulated in my head over the years. That's why in the right column of my blog I have a "what happened in history on this date" gadget--to perpetuate my obsession or at least have my daily "huh, interesting" moment. Here's something to gobble on...

Today is the birthday of Norbert Wiener. Besides having one of the best names ever, he was an applied mathematician who founded cybernetics--a field that studies how anything (machine or man) processes information. He was a ground-breaking advocate of using technology like robotics, computer control, and automation to improve our lives. Working with a team at MIT, his research made pioneering contributions to computer science and artificial intelligence. (Sounds like the background story for Terminator 4: Rise of the Wiener)

Today is also the anniversary of the day King Tut's tomb was opened and doomed all those involved. It was worth it, though. I plan on seeing a bunch of his loot at the Dallas Museum of Art while it's in town. Since I haven't made it to Egypt yet, I figure this is the next best thing. OH-WAY-OH!

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