This year, I got myself a WHIP for Christmas. It's not the leather braided kind of whip (although, also a great gift), it's a Wire Handled Ingot Pouring Device. Basically, it's what's going to allow me to melt all the scrap silver I've accumulated over the years and turn it back into cool things. It was invented by master jeweler Jay Whaley. Watch him demonstrate here.

In a semi-related meandering, see the Cool Whip clip of Family Guy here. Seth MacFarlane is a sweet genius. On Conan O'Brien last Tuesday, he mentioned how he voices Roger on American Dad in the style of '60s homosexual character actors. I thought from the beginning that he had a twinge of Paul Lynde and it looks to be true. Paul Lynde played Uncle Arthur on "Bewitched," the center square on "Hollywood Squares," and voiced Templeton in "Charlotte's Web." Surprisingly, I found he was from Mount Vernon, Ohio when I looked him up. Huh... fellow Buckeye.

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