People Who Need People...

...boggle my mind. On the local news tonight, there was a segment about people in Austin with telecommuting jobs getting lonely and paying an average fee of $250/month just to be around other people to work. Wha-huh?! It's my dream to be able to work only from home, and to see these people whine about how they're just at home with their dog and they're lonely and depressed and stressed simply baffles me. It's akin to those who say having a lot of money is difficult. "There are dishes in the sink. Laundry in the hamper. An episode of "The Daily Show" sits waiting in the DVR, waiting to stretch that work break to 22 minutes." Really? That's what's stressing you out? WOW! (One moment to let me wipe away the tear. Wait. There's not one.)

I have an internet connection, jewelry-making tools, and endless ideas. I can't fathom reaching a point working at home when I think it would be great to drive to a house and pay to hang out with people. Are they just needy? Unimaginative? Insecure? Undisciplined? Irresponsible? It's just a workday. Why are they unable to get all their social validation in the evenings and weekends?

I can't be alone on this, right? I realize I am more anti-social than the average bear, but c'mon.

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