Chainmaille Rings -- Something for every finger...

I liked the narrow version of the silver and gold chainmaille rings, I decided to make them wider, so there's more to love. The narrow bands are 3/8 inch wide and the wide bands are 1/2 inch wide. Here's a photo to see the difference.

The one on my middle finger (the narrow silver band) I wear every day and was one of the first ones I made. If you live near me and drive while talking on your cell phone, I may have already shown this ring to you in traffic.

Have Yourself a Maille-y Little Christmas

I've just added TWO new kits to the Make Something Projects menu!
Can You BeWeave It? Snowflake Ornament Kits
in Japanese 2-in-2 and Byzantine Chainmaille

Make them to brighten up your own holiday
or someone else's.

What the Fuchsia?!

After I regained my sight from basking in the wirey glow, I looked on the packing list and saw that fuchsia was not currently available. Bu-but fuchsia is one of the colors I need for "Bloody Yell." I dropped to my knees, threw my palms up to the sky, and in my best Nancy Kerrigan scream, I asked, "Why wire people have you forsaken me?!" I may be exaggerating a smidge, but I was disappointed. I have a backup source I hope comes through. Is it too much to ask to have wire available in every color I want? Is it really? puh.

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

It's driving me absolutely crazy waiting for the rest of the wire colors to get here so I can start on Bloody Yell. In the meantime, I made a simple frame with a rod to weave it while it's hanging. I think it's a lot easier that way. For the first, I just used a thick piece of wire, but this one needs something a little more substantial.

Monkey helped when she wasn't hiding in a grocery bag and jumping out to attack me as I walked by. She thinks she's a lioness. She takes Biggie down like a young gazelle and he's at least twice her size.

Chainmaille Inlay #2 "Bloody Yell" Inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream

After getting distracted with a bunch of different projects, I've revisited doing my next chainmaille inlay "Bloody Yell" inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream. Maybe it's the Halloweeny spirit that seeps into me every October, but I thought this would be a great time to work on something kinda creepy.

My first chainmaille inlay, "Ol' Blue Eye," was inspired by M.C. Escher's "Eye." Inlay #2 will be around 4½ times the size of the first. "Ol' Blue Eye" has 4720 rings and "Bloody Yell" will have 22,400. I already have the frame, light, and hanging rod for it. It's much easier to find the frame I like and size the maille to it rather than the other way around. I'd ultimately like to find someone who's handy with their wood [ :) ] to make me custom frames with the lighting built in. If anyone knows of someone who'd like to work with me, let me know! I have ideas incorporating LEDs and other extras for a more cohesive presentation. Maybe for inlay #3...

I finished the pattern last night and tonight I'm putting in my wire order. As soon as I get all that pretty metal, I'll be sliding on a new sawblade and going ring-cutting-crazy! For inlay #1, I posted the pattern first, but this time I thought I would keep some mystery and just post the progression pics. Stay tuned to watch the bloody unfolding...

Channeling My Inner Hooters Girl

On my last visit to the motherland, a lady showed me her owl pendant that had lost its tail somewhere along the way and asked if I could make a piece to finish it. I hadn't seen the original, so it was an interesting challenge to add to the existing parts and make it look like it belongs. This is how the finished project turned out. Whooooooooo...

Time for hot wings!

Life Is Graet!

I audibly gasped in what I can only call a kind of euphoric attack in the middle of Kroger this morning. First, some backstory... My first year of college, I went to a small, private school. It was lovely, but our 'strip' consisted of a hat shop, a third-run movie theatre, and an ice cream shop. I know... where to begin the hard partying, right? This lineup would be completely uneventful, but the ice cream shop had the BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD-->GRAETERS! I'm not a big foodie, but I knows me some ice creams, and this place was NOT in the best location to avoid the Freshman 15. Besides the kickass Native American History class I had with Maroukis, this was the best part of my first year. We all have our priorities.

After I departed school, I was left to only the occasional creamy, chunky treat going to or from the airport. It was right on the way--pity not to stop. [Cut to:] This morning, I went to the dentist for a crop of fillings and went to shop for soft comfort--applesauce, yogurt, the usual. Then, on an end freezer, as big as life, a sign that said "GRAETERS IS HERE!" That's when I gasped and my cart slowly rolled away from me as I stood in front of the glassed-in, fluorescent-lighted goodness. "Oprah's Favorite" another sign touted. That's good and all, but my belly honestly doesn't give a rat's ass what Oprah likes. It just knows it wants some of THAT in it. In one swift movement, I opened the door and whisked out some of my favorite--Mint Chocolate Chip. I smiled as much as my numbed mouth would let me and happily bounced back home.

If you like creaaaaaamy ice cream with chunks of chocolate in it so big that they will leave caverns in your scoop when you pull them out with your teeth, this is the stuff for you. I haven't seen it at SuperTarget, and I'm guessing it's only at Kroger which isn't a big surprise--Buckeye companies stickin' together. As soon as I get enough feeling to chew a chunk, I'm going to nurse my sore mouth and get HUGE! nom... nom...

Get It Twisted! -- In Gold AND Silver

Do you have a hard time deciding on either gold or silver jump rings? Now, you don't have to! I've just added some twisted jump rings in gold & silver. Add them as an accents between segments of Byzantine or create a new twist on the Do-Si-Do. Whatever you use them for, you can't go wrong with these pretties!

I will be adding more jump ring sizes and re-vamping the other jump ring pages to make them easier to use. Stay tuned...

Sicko de Mayo

Along with the school closings in the DFW area, some of the events scheduled for this weekend have been canceled in reaction to the swine flu outbreak. Among them, Mayfest, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and (my favorite) the Garland Healthy Living Expo have all been canceled on the recommendations of public health officials.

But if you like gems & jewelry, the Intergem show is still on, so grab your masks and your Purell and get your rocks off!

Feature: 3-Color Byzantine Chainmaille Kits

Select from over 20 colors of jump rings and customize your kit to make your own Byzantine Chainmaille Jewelry! Pick colors for your favorite school/college, sports team, or homecoming/prom. Surprise a bride-to-be with jewelry matching her wedding colors.

You can select 3 different colors, but you're also welcome to match your color selections to make 2- or 1-color jewelry.

Two sizes of rings are available. The smaller rings create a lighter, more dainty Byzantine weave, and the larger rings create a more substantial piece of jewelry.

Don't just sit there... Make Something!

My Newest Thing Inspired by Doctor Who

I watched Doctor Who back when Tom Baker was at the helm and the stage crew made the best out of some cardboard, tiny lights, and silver paint. Good times. I never missed the late night British TV lineup shown on PBS, and I still have a Pavlovian reaction when I hear the theme music. Best ever.

While I was sick with the flu a little while ago, I got to catch up on the series, now with David Tennant as the Doctor. I gotta say I really like him in the role. There is something "other worldly" about him. The combination of watching the TARDIS travel through realms and my near-death flu experience lead me to make sketches of this -- my Etheric Traveller Pendant with drusy quartz. I picked up the drusy quartz a couple years ago at a gem show and it fit perfectly with the picture I had in my mind. The iridescent quartz crystals draw you in with such sparkle and color. It's really a gorgeous stone.

BAP! Cool Stuff for Your Wall

I love comics, and I can't get enough of the Batman series with Adam West. These wooden laser cutouts from a company called Start have that same fun boldness translated into really cool art.

My New Year's Resolution: De-JUNK

Sure, it's only one, one-word resolution, but there are parts, see? De-junk to me means removing all the crud from my life that doesn't really benefit me. It's easy to say, but old habits die hard, and I'm known to be quite stubborn. It'll be fun.

As much as I think I'm quite frugal on what I acquire, I've still managed to accumulate too much stuff. I will de-junk my entire place, keeping only what I need or really want. I realize the "really want" part is extremely subjective on my part, but I don't really want much. It's mostly that stuff has sat around and I just don't see it anymore.

I've already started on this one. I'm literally going through every single thing, and donating or trashing it if at all possible. I've purged areas before and I always feel better afterwards, so doing my whole place should feel fabulous when I'm finished.

This is going to be the hardest one for me. When I think back at all the time I've gotten sucked into web surfing, I wish I had it back, because I know that it could have been time better spent. This goes for most media--internet, TV, magazines, etc.--but the internet's the worst one for me. I need it to work, then I get distracted by something that leads to something else that leads to something else...

I'm always feeling like I never have enough time in the day, so I hope that this will solve at least some of that anxiety. We'll see how it goes...