My New Year's Resolution: De-JUNK

Sure, it's only one, one-word resolution, but there are parts, see? De-junk to me means removing all the crud from my life that doesn't really benefit me. It's easy to say, but old habits die hard, and I'm known to be quite stubborn. It'll be fun.

As much as I think I'm quite frugal on what I acquire, I've still managed to accumulate too much stuff. I will de-junk my entire place, keeping only what I need or really want. I realize the "really want" part is extremely subjective on my part, but I don't really want much. It's mostly that stuff has sat around and I just don't see it anymore.

I've already started on this one. I'm literally going through every single thing, and donating or trashing it if at all possible. I've purged areas before and I always feel better afterwards, so doing my whole place should feel fabulous when I'm finished.

This is going to be the hardest one for me. When I think back at all the time I've gotten sucked into web surfing, I wish I had it back, because I know that it could have been time better spent. This goes for most media--internet, TV, magazines, etc.--but the internet's the worst one for me. I need it to work, then I get distracted by something that leads to something else that leads to something else...

I'm always feeling like I never have enough time in the day, so I hope that this will solve at least some of that anxiety. We'll see how it goes...