Feature: 3-Color Byzantine Chainmaille Kits

Select from over 20 colors of jump rings and customize your kit to make your own Byzantine Chainmaille Jewelry! Pick colors for your favorite school/college, sports team, or homecoming/prom. Surprise a bride-to-be with jewelry matching her wedding colors.

You can select 3 different colors, but you're also welcome to match your color selections to make 2- or 1-color jewelry.

Two sizes of rings are available. The smaller rings create a lighter, more dainty Byzantine weave, and the larger rings create a more substantial piece of jewelry.

Don't just sit there... Make Something!

My Newest Thing Inspired by Doctor Who

I watched Doctor Who back when Tom Baker was at the helm and the stage crew made the best out of some cardboard, tiny lights, and silver paint. Good times. I never missed the late night British TV lineup shown on PBS, and I still have a Pavlovian reaction when I hear the theme music. Best ever.

While I was sick with the flu a little while ago, I got to catch up on the series, now with David Tennant as the Doctor. I gotta say I really like him in the role. There is something "other worldly" about him. The combination of watching the TARDIS travel through realms and my near-death flu experience lead me to make sketches of this -- my Etheric Traveller Pendant with drusy quartz. I picked up the drusy quartz a couple years ago at a gem show and it fit perfectly with the picture I had in my mind. The iridescent quartz crystals draw you in with such sparkle and color. It's really a gorgeous stone.

BAP! Cool Stuff for Your Wall

I love comics, and I can't get enough of the Batman series with Adam West. These wooden laser cutouts from a company called Start have that same fun boldness translated into really cool art.