Life Is Graet!

I audibly gasped in what I can only call a kind of euphoric attack in the middle of Kroger this morning. First, some backstory... My first year of college, I went to a small, private school. It was lovely, but our 'strip' consisted of a hat shop, a third-run movie theatre, and an ice cream shop. I know... where to begin the hard partying, right? This lineup would be completely uneventful, but the ice cream shop had the BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD-->GRAETERS! I'm not a big foodie, but I knows me some ice creams, and this place was NOT in the best location to avoid the Freshman 15. Besides the kickass Native American History class I had with Maroukis, this was the best part of my first year. We all have our priorities.

After I departed school, I was left to only the occasional creamy, chunky treat going to or from the airport. It was right on the way--pity not to stop. [Cut to:] This morning, I went to the dentist for a crop of fillings and went to shop for soft comfort--applesauce, yogurt, the usual. Then, on an end freezer, as big as life, a sign that said "GRAETERS IS HERE!" That's when I gasped and my cart slowly rolled away from me as I stood in front of the glassed-in, fluorescent-lighted goodness. "Oprah's Favorite" another sign touted. That's good and all, but my belly honestly doesn't give a rat's ass what Oprah likes. It just knows it wants some of THAT in it. In one swift movement, I opened the door and whisked out some of my favorite--Mint Chocolate Chip. I smiled as much as my numbed mouth would let me and happily bounced back home.

If you like creaaaaaamy ice cream with chunks of chocolate in it so big that they will leave caverns in your scoop when you pull them out with your teeth, this is the stuff for you. I haven't seen it at SuperTarget, and I'm guessing it's only at Kroger which isn't a big surprise--Buckeye companies stickin' together. As soon as I get enough feeling to chew a chunk, I'm going to nurse my sore mouth and get HUGE! nom... nom...