Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

It's driving me absolutely crazy waiting for the rest of the wire colors to get here so I can start on Bloody Yell. In the meantime, I made a simple frame with a rod to weave it while it's hanging. I think it's a lot easier that way. For the first, I just used a thick piece of wire, but this one needs something a little more substantial.

Monkey helped when she wasn't hiding in a grocery bag and jumping out to attack me as I walked by. She thinks she's a lioness. She takes Biggie down like a young gazelle and he's at least twice her size.

Chainmaille Inlay #2 "Bloody Yell" Inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream

After getting distracted with a bunch of different projects, I've revisited doing my next chainmaille inlay "Bloody Yell" inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream. Maybe it's the Halloweeny spirit that seeps into me every October, but I thought this would be a great time to work on something kinda creepy.

My first chainmaille inlay, "Ol' Blue Eye," was inspired by M.C. Escher's "Eye." Inlay #2 will be around 4½ times the size of the first. "Ol' Blue Eye" has 4720 rings and "Bloody Yell" will have 22,400. I already have the frame, light, and hanging rod for it. It's much easier to find the frame I like and size the maille to it rather than the other way around. I'd ultimately like to find someone who's handy with their wood [ :) ] to make me custom frames with the lighting built in. If anyone knows of someone who'd like to work with me, let me know! I have ideas incorporating LEDs and other extras for a more cohesive presentation. Maybe for inlay #3...

I finished the pattern last night and tonight I'm putting in my wire order. As soon as I get all that pretty metal, I'll be sliding on a new sawblade and going ring-cutting-crazy! For inlay #1, I posted the pattern first, but this time I thought I would keep some mystery and just post the progression pics. Stay tuned to watch the bloody unfolding...