Not-So-Secret Santa

Do you have a friend, sibling, or coworker who could use a little festive cheer? In the spirit of the holiday season, I'd like to send out Christmas Tree Necklaces to them. Send me a message telling me why you'd like to 'Tree' someone, and they'll receive a gift from you--or anonymously if you prefer.

I have five friendly trees waiting to brighten someone's day.

UPDATE: All the Christmas Tree Necklaces have been sent out to spread the seasonal joy. Happy Holidays!!!

Geocaching: e-maille Edition

First, I'd like to thank all of you who came out and said *Hello* during my shows. I met some really cool people--customers and vendors--and I appreciate the support. I'd especially like to thank everyone who helped me Saturday night when a gust of wind overturned my tent, walls, and tables as we were tearing down. That was some show season finale. Oy.

Now that the shows are over for the year and the temperature is dropping, I'm feeling Santa Claus-y. I've decided to hide Gift Bags filled with jewelry around town in my own geocaching adventure. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek things. To get the locations of the Gift Bags, join The List or Like my Facebook page.

This Saturday: Wylie Arts Festival

All my e-maille is locked and loaded and I'm looking forward to a beautiful day at the Wylie Arts Festival this Saturday from 10am - 8pm. There will be a little something for everybody including the Festival of Lights Parade and the Tree Lighting Ceremony! The map below shows where the festival will be located. Click on it to get directions.

Protection for Your Earlobes

This is the last thing I'm adding before getting ready for the Wylie Arts Festival this Saturday from 10am - 8pm. Wylie will be my final show of the season and I'm thankful that the December weather looks like it will be cooperating--near 70° and mostly sunny. Come out and take advantage!

Candy Canes in Four Flavors

Peppermint was lonely so I added spearmint, cool mint, and cinnamon to the group. Which flavor would you like?

Ready for a Treasure Hunt?

Who watched "Goonies" as a kid and thought it would be kickass to find your own One-Eyed Willy and all his treasure? I'll admit it--I did. A part of me hasn't stopped imagining what it would be like, and the Treasure Map Pendant is ready to go on your journey with you.

Get Blown

I was so happy with how this ring turned out, because it even spins with a breeze! When experiments go right, it more than makes up for the ones that go horribly wrong. If you'd like one with different colors or without any colors at all, let me know. I'm just itchin' to make another one.

Getting My Rocks On

Over the weekend, I went to the Dallas Gem & Mineral Show and scored some cool finds. I'm especially excited about the meteorite and nuggety ball of pyrite.

Feeling Hammered? Take Three Rings and Call Yourself "Awesome"!

I just added some new things to the shop: Medieval Hammered Rings in 3 different widths. Sign up for my Facebook group or email List to take advantage of Promo Prices on new things!

I Would Like to Buy Your Friendship

Sign up for my Facebook group or email List and as a thankyouthankyouthankyou not only will you get first dibs on new things I add, I'll be knocking a few bucks off my already incredibly reasonable prices to entice you further. And not everyone will have access to these promo prices... Oh, nooooo... I play favorites. I only suck up to people who "Like" me.

Why pick silver or gold when you can have both?

For those of you who saw me at the CityArts Festival, you got a sneak peek of the new silver & gold striped chainmaille rings. Now, I have them posted them in the shop for all the world to see.

Oot & Aboot: Rachofsky House

Yesterday, I ventured out of my hollow tree to check out the Rachofsky House in Dallas with some other cool DANG! people. (Thank you, Zoetina!) The place is chock full of modern art, but, truthfully, I was taken more with the house itself and the grounds. I'm a sucker for a pond with a weeping willow.

This is the view from the kitchen. What a drag to have to sip your morning coffee looking at this mess out your window, huh? The apples behind the bushes in the far background have a secret.
An inside view. Clean lines. Open. Tons of light. And completely surrounded by lots of green stuff. Perfect.
Not a bad way to wake up.
Back of the house.
The grounds.
If I get the opportunity, I'd like to go back and see it again. Maybe if I stand still I can pass for an art installation and I can stay. Worth a try.

Bloody Yell--It's Finally Finished!

About 180 hours and over 22,000 rings later... "Bloody Yell" is complete! He's all framed and ready to go on someone's wall. I'll be taking proper photos and eventually listing it in the shop. Until then, he'll be hanging out with me.

I really appreciate all the words of encouragement and amazing comments I've gotten from so many of you. It really motivated me to get it finished. About a 1/3 of the way, I had one of those "what the hell am I doing" moments, but it passed. Now I'm off to think of what to do for #3. I'm thinking a tribute to a daVinci piece. Suggestions?

Get Your Art On

This weekend I'll be at the CityArts festival in Fair Park in Dallas. C'mon down and see all the new stuff I've made like brand new patterns of chainmaille rings and a finished Bloody Yell. There will also be alcohol there. Whatever motivates you...

I'll be on a corner in Booth #5 inside the Automobile Building.

Hello, BY, My Old Friend...

Chainmaille Inlay #2: "Bloody Yell" progress photos

22,540 total rings when complete
14 colors of enameled copper and brass jump rings (saw cut by yours truly)

Current Progress: 75.2% ∙∙∙ Updated 3/31/2010 @ 2:30 PM
weight: 2 lb 1.4 oz

Introducing the MAILLE BOX!

Make your very own framed chainmaille art!
Comes with all the jump rings you need and a handmade shadowbox frame.
Each kit is customized with the colors you pick.
Introductory Price for a Limited Time

Hanging Out with My Yang Out

The Yin Yang chainmaille inlay is complete! This afternoon, I will be working on the last element of the inlay kits. If all the work fairies cooperate, the final kits will be up on the web tomorrow in Can You BeWeave It? land. I hope you all like them. I'm pretty excited about 'em.

Pick the Next "Can You BeWeave It?" kit!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Maille-iacs!

In the middle (or nearly the middle) of working on "Bloody Yell," I had an idea for kits in the Make Something store. Because my ADD won't be denied, I've been working on samples. I started with a couple designs I've always liked--a Fleur-de-Lis (phone pic sneak peek at right) and a Celtic Knot.

I want to know what you'd like to see! Look at the poll on the left and click on the ones you like. To start us off, I have an ankh, a cross, a yin yang, and a skull & crossbones. Please realize you're only seeing a part of what the final kit will be (but it's gonna be cool!).

If I've listed NOTHING that you like and think I have some nerve even asking you to pick one, send me a scathing email with ideas of what you'd like to see in future polls.

UPDATE: And the winner is... Yin Yang! A big THANK YOU to all who participated! Pattern making in progress... (please stay tuned...)

Chainmaille Inlay #2: "Bloody Yell" progress photos

22,540 total rings when complete
14 colors of enameled copper and brass jump rings (saw cut by yours truly)

Current Progress: 44.1%
weight: 1 lb 3.8 oz

Something New AND Something Blue

I picked up this blue onyx cab awhile ago. I didn't know what I was going to do with it (like most rocks I get), but the color completely sucked me in. Yesterday, it found its home in a swirled heart pendant setting I made. Yes, I realize I'm biased, but I love how it turned out. That blue is just... BAM! Thank you Mother Nature! I hope I've done your work justice.

I made a swirly setting with a hidden heart on the back for this crazy beautiful blue onyx. The Earth made the onyx.

I wanted to play with a setting that was asymmetrical and kind of free form. I started by making the the bezel (the thin band that holds the onyx) and torch soldered rings and hand-formed, hammered swirls around the outside. I continued with the back--two more swirls coming together to make a heart that also hold the stone in place. I set the stone and tumble polished the finished pendant to a high shine. The color of the onyx is so beautiful, you'll swear it's made of dolphin tears. Don't worry--they're happy tears.

Recycled Heart Pendants

Valentine's Day is coming up. I'll admit, it's not my favorite holiday, but I do like hearts. I made some molds, melted down some scrap silver and made these textured heart pendants. They are all unique. The mold is destroyed in the creation process and can't be duplicated.

I have them in my shop for $39 until Feb. 7th. Consider it my VD gift to you. (Yeah, I know how that sounds but I typed it anyway.)

Holy crap, Batman! It's, well, BATMAN!!!

This past weekend I went to the Dallas Comic Con. Since I have been looking for places to set up a vendor booth with my things, I thought it might be a unique possibility for the future. I had never been to one before and decided to go and do some official Comic Con recon. I walked through the doors and saw all the creators, illustrators, colorists, people in costumes, posters, memorabilia... It was so beauuuuutiful. I found that Adam West (BATMAN!!!) and Peter Mayhew (CHEWBACCA!!!) were going to be signing autographs (among others but those 2 were all I needed to hear) and my eyes glazed over and my geek took control.

I was mostly okay until I heard Adam West talking to the people in the line ahead of me and his voice turned me back into an 8-year-old that watched the Batman series religiously in her Batgirl Underoos. I got all giggly and weird but somehow mustered a "Hi" and "Thank you." I geeked out even more than I thought I would. That's why the pic below of Peter Mayhew signing my Chewie pic is all blurry. I couldn't even hold still.

I'm so glad I went and took it all in. It made me want to go to the big one in San Diego in July. There is a concern, however, that my brain may explode at that one.

Back to Yell-ing...

Chainmaille Inlay #2: "Bloody Yell" progress photos

22,540 total rings when complete
14 colors of enameled copper and brass jump rings (saw cut by yours truly)

Current Progress: 34.8% ∙∙∙ Updated 2/1/2010 @ 8:30 AM
weight: 15.6 oz.

Chainmaille Inlay #2: "Bloody Yell" progress photos

Chainmaille inlay #2 "Bloody Yell" has begun! I'll keep posting progress pics if you'd like to see how everything comes together...

22,540 total rings when complete
14 colors of enameled copper and brass jump rings (saw cut by yours truly)

Current Progress: 28.6% ∙∙∙ Updated 1/24/2010 @ 8:00 AM