Holy crap, Batman! It's, well, BATMAN!!!

This past weekend I went to the Dallas Comic Con. Since I have been looking for places to set up a vendor booth with my things, I thought it might be a unique possibility for the future. I had never been to one before and decided to go and do some official Comic Con recon. I walked through the doors and saw all the creators, illustrators, colorists, people in costumes, posters, memorabilia... It was so beauuuuutiful. I found that Adam West (BATMAN!!!) and Peter Mayhew (CHEWBACCA!!!) were going to be signing autographs (among others but those 2 were all I needed to hear) and my eyes glazed over and my geek took control.

I was mostly okay until I heard Adam West talking to the people in the line ahead of me and his voice turned me back into an 8-year-old that watched the Batman series religiously in her Batgirl Underoos. I got all giggly and weird but somehow mustered a "Hi" and "Thank you." I geeked out even more than I thought I would. That's why the pic below of Peter Mayhew signing my Chewie pic is all blurry. I couldn't even hold still.

I'm so glad I went and took it all in. It made me want to go to the big one in San Diego in July. There is a concern, however, that my brain may explode at that one.


  1. That's hysterical. That reminds of this past December when I met Tino Martinez (former first baseman for the Yankees). I was such a goober. I've never really been star struck before, but I was when I met him. I could barely thank him for taking a picture with me. =D

  2. How great is that! I wanted to go to the Dallas Comic Convention but didn't for some reason. I wanted to get Adam West's autograph and see everyone in costumes. Sounds like you had a good time.