Pick the Next "Can You BeWeave It?" kit!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Maille-iacs!

In the middle (or nearly the middle) of working on "Bloody Yell," I had an idea for kits in the Make Something store. Because my ADD won't be denied, I've been working on samples. I started with a couple designs I've always liked--a Fleur-de-Lis (phone pic sneak peek at right) and a Celtic Knot.

I want to know what you'd like to see! Look at the poll on the left and click on the ones you like. To start us off, I have an ankh, a cross, a yin yang, and a skull & crossbones. Please realize you're only seeing a part of what the final kit will be (but it's gonna be cool!).

If I've listed NOTHING that you like and think I have some nerve even asking you to pick one, send me a scathing email with ideas of what you'd like to see in future polls.

UPDATE: And the winner is... Yin Yang! A big THANK YOU to all who participated! Pattern making in progress... (please stay tuned...)

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