I Would Like to Buy Your Friendship

Sign up for my Facebook group or email List and as a thankyouthankyouthankyou not only will you get first dibs on new things I add, I'll be knocking a few bucks off my already incredibly reasonable prices to entice you further. And not everyone will have access to these promo prices... Oh, nooooo... I play favorites. I only suck up to people who "Like" me.

Why pick silver or gold when you can have both?

For those of you who saw me at the CityArts Festival, you got a sneak peek of the new silver & gold striped chainmaille rings. Now, I have them posted them in the shop for all the world to see.

Oot & Aboot: Rachofsky House

Yesterday, I ventured out of my hollow tree to check out the Rachofsky House in Dallas with some other cool DANG! people. (Thank you, Zoetina!) The place is chock full of modern art, but, truthfully, I was taken more with the house itself and the grounds. I'm a sucker for a pond with a weeping willow.

This is the view from the kitchen. What a drag to have to sip your morning coffee looking at this mess out your window, huh? The apples behind the bushes in the far background have a secret.
An inside view. Clean lines. Open. Tons of light. And completely surrounded by lots of green stuff. Perfect.
Not a bad way to wake up.
Back of the house.
The grounds.
If I get the opportunity, I'd like to go back and see it again. Maybe if I stand still I can pass for an art installation and I can stay. Worth a try.

Bloody Yell--It's Finally Finished!

About 180 hours and over 22,000 rings later... "Bloody Yell" is complete! He's all framed and ready to go on someone's wall. I'll be taking proper photos and eventually listing it in the shop. Until then, he'll be hanging out with me.

I really appreciate all the words of encouragement and amazing comments I've gotten from so many of you. It really motivated me to get it finished. About a 1/3 of the way, I had one of those "what the hell am I doing" moments, but it passed. Now I'm off to think of what to do for #3. I'm thinking a tribute to a daVinci piece. Suggestions?

Get Your Art On

This weekend I'll be at the CityArts festival in Fair Park in Dallas. C'mon down and see all the new stuff I've made like brand new patterns of chainmaille rings and a finished Bloody Yell. There will also be alcohol there. Whatever motivates you...

I'll be on a corner in Booth #5 inside the Automobile Building.