Protection for Your Earlobes

This is the last thing I'm adding before getting ready for the Wylie Arts Festival this Saturday from 10am - 8pm. Wylie will be my final show of the season and I'm thankful that the December weather looks like it will be cooperating--near 70° and mostly sunny. Come out and take advantage!

Candy Canes in Four Flavors

Peppermint was lonely so I added spearmint, cool mint, and cinnamon to the group. Which flavor would you like?

Ready for a Treasure Hunt?

Who watched "Goonies" as a kid and thought it would be kickass to find your own One-Eyed Willy and all his treasure? I'll admit it--I did. A part of me hasn't stopped imagining what it would be like, and the Treasure Map Pendant is ready to go on your journey with you.

Get Blown

I was so happy with how this ring turned out, because it even spins with a breeze! When experiments go right, it more than makes up for the ones that go horribly wrong. If you'd like one with different colors or without any colors at all, let me know. I'm just itchin' to make another one.

Getting My Rocks On

Over the weekend, I went to the Dallas Gem & Mineral Show and scored some cool finds. I'm especially excited about the meteorite and nuggety ball of pyrite.