Thinking Big

Recently, I put all my silver scrap in a pile and went through the repeated process of torching, pickling, and rolling to make all new shiny sheet silver. Seeing all that uninterrupted gleam made me want to use a bunch of it all at once.

First, I started with this drusy moss agate I got from my buddy Gina. The drusy (crystaly center)... The translucence... The swirly greens... This stone is kickin'! It instantly reminded me of a sweater I once had--purple with teal and gold paisley. It was the '80s. I think it also had those weird puffy parts at the shoulder. You know what I mean. Anyway--I wanted to carry the paisley through to the setting and add some dotty details. There are three paisley cutouts on the back of the setting under the stone. Click the link to see all the details.
The big chunk o' pink drusy quartz came from a local gem & mineral club during one of their shows. I loved the pairing of the delicate pink color and the huge angular irregular cut. The glitter going on in this drusy looks like sugar in the sun. There's a shot of it on my finger that shows it better but still doesn't do it proper justice. Since this stone is a statement on its own, I wanted to add more color but subtly. I couldn't decide if I liked the ruby or tanzanite better with the quartz, so I added both. So much for subtle. BOOM--PINKIE RING!

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