NEW in the Garden... Lilly the Ladybug!

Ladybugs are known to be good luck.
Take Lilly home and let her work her magic.

The NEW Agate Collection

I love agate--all the striped, wavy, colorful patterns.
There's seemingly no end to the agate rainbow.
But if there is an end, I'd bet instead of gold, there's a pot o' more gorgeous agate.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

You've heard the phrase "Let your Freak Flag fly," and now you can--literally! Celebrate your free spirit and wear your freakiness with pride with this hand-stamped sterling silver pendant. All pendants come on a black leather and sterling silver necklace (choice of 16" or 18").

Also, thanks to the Artisan Group, I have the good fortune of putting these babies in the celebrity swag bags for this year's MTV Movie Awards! Get your freak on!

Happy Fool's Gold Day!

On this joyous holiday, let's take a look at some Fool's Gold--AKA Pyrite. Last year, I had the opportunity to dig up some of my very own pyrite. I remember getting out of the truck and being dazzled by all the sparkly goodness on the ground just waiting for me to give it a good home. Pyrite is an iron sulfide that comes in a variety of shapes and structures such as cubes, discs, or crystal clusters (the kind I found). I loved being able to dig up something cool from the ground and making a finished piece of jewelry with it. There's a box of beauties that still need to be featured, but here is what I've made so far.